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Real Estate Investing for Creative Real Estate Investors

The Best Real Estate Investment Site!

This Real Estate Investing site is one of the premier real estate investor sites on the web. With over 2,000 real estate investment articles, 250 investor videos, 300 real estate clubs, 100 success stories, active discussion forums and a ton of investor resources and tools available for free, you can easily spend hours on this site and barely scratch the surface.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you'll join our email list and make plans to become part of our real estate investing community. If you look through the links over on the left and scan everything on this page, there should be some information, tools, and tips that will benefit your real estate investment business.

Real Estate Investing Articles
Learn Real Estate Investing with over 900 real estate investor articles to increase your investment education. Topics include creative real estate investing, wholesaling to other real estate investors, commercial real estate, hard money lenders, IRA investing, landlording, lease options, mobile homes, no money down, owner financing, rehabbing, tax liens, 1031 exchanges, asset protection, and more.

Real Estate Investing Videos
Real estate investors can watch over 100 real estate videos to get helpful investing tips and strategies. Real estate videos are listed by investing topic and author.

Hard Money Lenders
Looking for hard money? Check out our hard money lenders list to find a lender in your area that makes hard money loans to help finance your next real estate investment.

Real Estate Clubs
With almost 350 real estate clubs listed on our site you can find local real estate investor clubs near you.

Cashflow 101 Clubs
Over 135 cash flow 101 clubs listed so you can find your local cashflow club to interact with other real estate investors who enjoy Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Cashflow Games.

Real Estate Books
Scan our recommended real estate investing books to increase your real estate knowledge and learn more about no down payment, rent to own, negotiating, passive income, creating cash flow, property management, and more.

Landlord Tenant Laws
Search our list of state by state landlord tenant laws to find the property codes in your area.

Real Estate Success Stories
Read over 100 real estate success stories from investors just like you.

Real Estate Investment Courses
Check out our vast investing course selection by national authors like Ron LeGrand, Robert Kiyosaki, David Lindahl, William Bronchick, Scott Scheel, Alan Cowgill, Wendy Patton, Vena Jones-Cox, Steve Cook and many more. We offer everything from low-priced starter items to comprehensive how-to creative real estate courses on topics like lease options, lease purchase, subject to (sub2), rehabbing, short sales, preforeclosures, tax sales, and many more.

Real Estate Monthly Update
Subscribe to our monthly update to stay informed on web site updates including new articles, features, products, events and more. Each issue provides helpful tips and detailed information to improve your investing business and knowledge.

Real Estate Investing Discussion Forums
Our real estate newsgroups and discussion forums allow real estate investors to chat and share information. Participate in our newsgroup forums that cover the gamut of real estate topics including how to get started, Carlton Sheets, landlording, lease options, financing, and many more.

Beginner Discussion Forum
Discuss Carlton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron LeGrand, Russ Whitney, and other real estate authors in our real estate forums. Other investing topics include flipping properties, real estate bird dogs, tax foreclosures, short sales, preforeclosures, landlording, lease purchase options, commercial real estate, subject to (sub2), mobile homes and more.

Tax Appraisal Districts
Check out our vast tax assessor list to find tax appraisal information on real estate investing properties you are researching.

And Much More...
Success Stories, Real Estate Glossary, Real Estate Abbreviations, Business Tools...

Enjoy Our Real Estate Investing Tips, Tools and Investment Strategies!

Excellent customer service. Great company to work with. No hassle, always a friendly person to speak with!
When I first started in the real estate investing business was the place where I learned tips and tricks to wholesaling, assignments and the overall real estate investing business. Now I only bring buyers and sellers together and I have never been happier. I even got rid of my Real Estate Agent License. Thanks for all the great real estate investing information!
Tracy McCarthy
I had an issue with a R.E. Investing Company, which I quickly realized was not for me. Because I knew about them through, I found it to be legitimate. Anyway, I was unable to get hold of the right person to get back my refund, and it was frustrating. In comes REIClub (Ms. Erica Carter, Customer Service Manager) to the rescue. In less than an hour...all issues resolved!!! REIClub is the most legitimate R.E.I educational companyon the web... insightful and helpful. I will always feel secure in their products and services... Thanks REIClub!
Joe Rosa

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