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Title: Can anyone help me keep my home.
Post by: diane.jsmith on December 23, 2010, 08:53:53 pm

Although I am not current with my mortgage payments it is not my fault as my mortgage company lied to me in the past and now is not excepting my mortgage payments. A year ago I was having money problems and asked my mortgage company for help. I was told to get help I would have to be behind on my payments. I stopped making payments in December 2009. I applied for mortgage reduction and in March I was told I didn't make enough to qualify (more lies). I restarted making my regular mortgage payment and in September my payment was returned and told they are not going to accept any more payments. Soon they will foreclose and I will be out. Iam at present working two part time jobs, collecting unemployment compensation and taking in a roommate who will be paying $500.00 a month plus food. Keeping my mortgage cuurent and keeping my home in important to me. I have a VA mortgage and was told I qualify for 2% 40 year which would reduce my payments alot. Can anyone help me keep my home. Thank You
Title: Re: Can anyone help me keep my home.
Post by: Gold River on December 24, 2010, 09:07:42 pm

    It is really a shame that lenders have misled some home owners! Forcing some of those home owners into foreclosure, unfortunately as an investor it is illegal for us to buy your home and sell it back to you!

So how many payments are you behind? What state are you in? Has someone been assisting you in communicating with your lender? Who is the actual lender? Have you tried talking to someone at the VA? Have you consulted with an attorney yet?