Collecting past due rent


We have some tenants that we have a court date for to hopefully get evicted very soon.  My question is does anyone have any information on  how to go about collecting past due rent?  Do I need a judgment.  Can I take them to small claims court?  Can I put it on their credit report?  If so, how? I live in Illinois.  Thanks. 


You need to talk to your lawyer to get the exact procedure in your state.  In Ohio, we can file a "second cause of action" along with the eviction.  This "second cause" is about the money damages and you can easily get a judgement.  The problem isn't getting a judgement, the problem is collecting.  Many deadbeat tenants are constantly moving and changing jobs (if they work at all).  It is VERY DIFFICULT to collect from tenants.  I usually don't even try, unless they have a good job that they've had for a long time.

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