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I have a corp as a trustee for 2 land trusts, the 2 properties are titled to the land trusts themselves.  Usually the trustee is on the title of the 2 properties, but in my case both land trusts have their own names.  I need to know do I need to have separate FEIN numbers for each of the land trusts.  Or can I use the FEIN number of the corp that is being used as my trustee.  Or I have a LLC as a beneficiary member assigned to each of the land trust and I wanted to know can use the FEIN number of the LLC for each of the land trusts.  Let me know thanks. 

Dave T:
Consult your attorney on this one. 

Unless the trust has to file a tax return it its own right, I am guessing that the land trust has a beneficial owner who is not the trustee, and the beneficial owner's SSN or EIN would suffice should it be needed for 1099 purposes.   You will have to tell us why your corporate EIN is inadequate for anything you might need to do as a trustee.

Now, if the land trust has to file a Form 1041 each year with the IRS, then the trust needs to obtain its own EIN.

The beneficial owner is also acting as the trustee who has setup a corp to act as the trustee.  This will have FEIN number.  Can this FEIN number be used for the 2 trusts.

Each trust will need its own tax return since the grantor and trustee are not the same. However, the grantor could chose to report taxes on his personal return. Consult with a tax expert to figure out the best way.

Dave T:

Doesn't the need for a tax-ID first depend upon whether the trust is revocable or irrevocable? 

As I understand it, tax ID is required for an irrevocable trust because the trust is itself a taxable entity, whereas a revocable trust is a pass through non-taxable entity for which no tax ID is required.

Isn't a land trust a form of revocable trust and therefore no tax ID is automatically required?  Even if the grantor were not the trustee of the land trust, wouldn't the grantor still retain control of the trust assets and thus the trust would still be a non-taxable pass through entity?

I guess it would help if we understood what Daniel's corp needs to do in its capacity as trustee which requires a tax id other than his corp EIN or the grantor's SSN,


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