Free Digital CD Teaches Real Estate Investors About Flipping Houses

October 11, 2012
Contact: Erica Carter
Phone: (888) 683-3052

Real Estate Investment: Free Digital CD Teaches Real Estate Investors About Flipping Houses Real Estate Investing Site Gives Away Free Audio CD for Beginning Real Estate Investors Round Rock, TX - Beginner real estate investors often need inexpensive, quality resources to help them learn and successfully invest in real estate., one of the largest and most popular websites for real estate investors, is one of the leaders in providing high quality, free or low cost investment information for this very reason. Beyond their vast website, REIClub periodically releases products to help people invest in real estate, providing insider information and tips to get started. One of their most recent products is the Fast Cash Wholesaling Houses Fast Start CD, which is geared towards beginners, and teaches them how to invest with no money down and no credit necessary.

The CD features lessons for beginners in wholesaling houses and properties, and instructs the real estate investor on how to make significant money with real estate investment. Fast Cash, a free digital audio CD, is a 45-minute, instant access download that is currently for sale, but as part of their ongoing educational effort REIClub is also offering this download for free for a limited time. The Fash Cash Wholesaling Houses Fast Start CD teaches beginners how to make smart decisions with a specific money-making strategy, so they are able to acquire income without the usual risk associated with investing in real estate. Listeners can expect an overview of the entire wholesaling process from building your team, finding buyers, finding motivated sellers, deal analysis, contracts and closing information.

Reviews of the product have been highly positive, with reviewers saying that Fast Cash is “one of the most comprehensive wholesale audios I have ever heard. It is simple and straightforward. I am amazed that the author was able to explain the process in 40 minutes.” Another reviewer notes that the program “has shown me that there is a realistic, no money down way of getting started. I now feel that I can get started immediately using the techniques talked about.” Previous users have found strong value in the information, and more testimonials may be found on the product download page. To download the Fast Cash Wholesaling Houses Fast Start CD audio files for free while still available, please visit and type in PASSCODE “Press15” for instant access.


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