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Testimonials for Wholesaling for Quick Cash
by Steve Cook

Like many others I was just spinning my wheels looking for my first deal. But after reading Wholesaling for Quick Cash it was like the fog had been lifted from in front of me.

Shortly after it came in the mail I had read the entire book and was on my way to my first deal. It took me 2 months of looking, but I had finally gotten my first wholesale that netted me $5k !!!

Now wholesaling seems so elementary and it's only because of the understanding you'll get from how Steve explains everything so clearly. His course gave me the knowledge I needed to see if this "Real Estate thing" really works. It DOES, big time.
Derick Adams, Jr.

Steve, I just want to say thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. Your wholesaling course has just enlightened me so much that 90% of my business now is wholesaling. It was rehabbing, but I found I can make a lot more money, very quickly in wholesaling. It’s changed my life.

When I started this business I was $40,000 in debt to credit cards, with two car payments. Today I’m debt free (except my house), and I’m living the dream.

Again, thank you for showing me a different way in this business that I can make quick money in an honest way, and continue to live.
Jose’ Garcia
Reisterstown, MD

I own both of Steve’s books, Rehabbing for Big Cash and Wholesaling for Quick Cash, and I think they’re both top-notch.

Both books provide all of the information you need to get started in the business... They’re written in a clear, concise, no non-sense manner that is straight forward and to the point.

I consider both books to be the cornerstone of my REI library and would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone.
Jim Grossi
Long Island, NY

...I’m looking at two investors who are going to pick up eight properties from me within a week, and I’m looking at roughly $70,000 profit from that.

I just took the information that Steve’s course provided, tweaked it a bit for my market, and then just put action behind that. And that’s really just what Steve’s course tells you to do.’s really changed my life. Through reading Steve’s wholesaling course I have been able to go full time as an investor, which has meant the world to me.

If you really want to put a different perspective on real estate, and you want to get the nuts and bolts of how the entire transaction works, Steve’s (wholesaling) course really lays that out. And it’s not full of fluff and techniques that are outdated. It's relevant to today’s market. So if you’re thinking about getting it, don’t hesitate. Pick up the book.
Dustin Phillips
Fishers, IN

...A big ‘thank you’ to Steve for his Wholesaling course.

I’ve been dabbling in real estate for about 4 years now and up until about 3 months ago I was basically just spinning my wheels. Then I closed on my first wholesale deal using Steve’s wholesaling course as my guide.

Since then I’ve closed on 3 more wholesale deals that have netted me $15,500. I’ve finally been able to quit my job as a bartender and as of January 1st I am now a full-time wholesaler here in Tampa.

...I never would have been able to do these deals if it weren’t for the help of Steve’s wholesaling course. Thanks, Steve! I’ll see you at the top!
Stephani Davis
Tampa, FL

To tell you the truth my first impression of real estate investors up to that point was that you have to be sneaky, or underhanded... But first thing I liked right off the bat was that in Chapter 1 of this course he immediately started talking about ethics and integrity.

...He really lays it out step by step how to wholesale homes. He doesn’t talk just about how to find a deal then figure out how to sell it and that’s it. He takes it a step further and actually teaches you how to create a valuable service he calls “full service wholesaling”.

I personally recommend that if you’re thinking about purchasing any wholesaling course, you consider purchasing Steve Cook’s.
Tim Callahan
Alfred, ME

I just want to let you know about Steve’s wholesaling course and how it has improved my lifestyle.

Last November I flipped two lots to a local builder and received a check for $101,363.50. That was my biggest deal to date, but this year also looks great. I’ve already closed a deal for around $50,000 now.

If you’re on the fence and you’re considering Steve’s wholesaling course, I can tell you it will only point you in the right direction.
Steve Cavanaugh
Lapleda, MD

I finally got started…after months of fruitless endeavors, fueled by courses that didn’t give enough of the detailed nuts/bolts I needed to know. (Steve’s) material laid out step by step, exactly what I needed to do, and how to do it...

Thanks Steve, for sharing your day to day experiences, it has helped me and many, many others.

Your material is for anyone looking for THE best resources that will enable them to really get going and actually DO some deals.
Zoe Kivio
Albuquerque, NM

Kudus to Steve, because without this material – without his help – there’s no question I would be floundering and really lacking in direction.

Anybody out there that needs a little boost, or a real-world understanding of how this stuff works owes it to themselves to get real involved with this guy and real involved with his material. Because not only is it for real, but it really prepared you for life.

So get out there and get it done.
Jerry Dalglish
New Jersey

I just wanted to say I can’t think you enough for the Wholesaling 2.0 course. …It’s really changed Jenny and me as far as how we do business. Now our primary vehicle and business model is wholesaling.

In the first 9 months after getting the course we did 18 houses. We’ve gone from being cash-poor to actually having some money in the bank, and it’s a welcome sight.

It’s been an absolute God-send for Jenny and I to buy that course. I just can’t thank you enough. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we really appreciate the course.
Nate Andree
Appleton, WI

I researched several courses, and so called “Guru's" for six months prior to choosing my path as a wholesaler. I finally settled on Steve Cook’s book, “Wholesaling for Quick Cash", and boy I am glad I did…

This course is thorough, succinct, and easy to read. I just can’t say enough about it. Steve Cook and his wholesaling manual have been largely responsible for my success as an investor. Steve’s teachings enabled me to wholesale 55 properties in my first 17 months alone. At this point I’m up to 137 houses in 37 months…

My thanks go out to Steve Cook for writing such a perfect course. It truly has changed my and my family’s life. Thanks again, Steve.
Bill Guerra
Las Vegas, NV

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