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Rehabbing for Big Cash
by Steve Cook

"How to Build an Impressive Income Fixing and Flipping Houses in Today's Real Estate Market"

Dear friend,

Since you're here, reading this right now, it's likely you're looking for something specific. Something of value. Something that can help get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

You've seen the TV shows...

...You've heard the success stories and now you're fascinated with the concept of fixing and flipping houses. And the prospect of making some serious money doing it? Down right electrifying.

Now you want to learn how to do it yourself. But where to begin...

So you're searching, hoping to find someone who can credibly offer you a solid, real-world approach to flipping houses in today's market, and making great money doing it.

Rather than wasting your hard-earned money on "just another real estate course" you want to invest in something of substance, that really delivers the authentic value it promises. In essence, you want to gain...

The highest quality education you can get your hands on for the most reasonable price possible.

If so...if you're looking for a down-to-earth, every-man's approach to getting started and succeeding in the fix-and-flip business, taught by one of the most respected voices in the industry, then congratulations. You've just found it.

Introducing Steve Cook's...

Rehabbing for Big Cash - Version 2.0A, Comprehensive, Down-to-Earth, Real Life Guide to Retailing Homes

As you're reading this letter, you'll be relieved to learn you can stop searching now. Because in all honesty, we have yet to find another home study course out there that truly compares (either in value or price) to the practical, down-to-earth education in fixing-and-flipping houses available to you in Steve's Rehabbing for Big Cash, v.2.0.

Respectfully, I invite you to set aside the next few moments to explore the information on this page and see for yourself.

After all, I'm sure you want to make the wisest, most well-informed decision possible before you spend another dollar of your hard earned money on another flimsy E-book, course or expensive boot camp.

A quick summary of what this is about...

The Promise: Rehabbing for Big Cash lays out for you a comprehensive walk-through of Steve Cook's own step-by-step blueprint for starting strong and making serious money rehabbing (fixing and flipping) houses in today's market. You'll discover a powerful, uncomplicated approach to building an impressive income fixing and flipping houses in today's market.

The Uniqueness: This is NOT a "teaser" course aimed at getting you to buy something more expensive before you really "get the goods". This is Steve's personal approach to the business, systematically laid out for you to follow. Rather than "book theory" taught by someone who may or may not still be doing deals, you'll discover a time-tested, proven system from someone who's primary income still comes from flipping homes.

The Guarantee: No nonsense, no fluff, no kidding. You'll find an abundance of students who testify that this is real-world, actionable information you can apply today. It's all spelled out for you in plain English, with no hype or filler to waste your time on. You will be completely thrilled with the value of what's inside and the difference it can make in your life when you apply it. Period. That's a promise.

The Credibility: One of the most respected voices in the industry, Steve Cook has been a trusted source of real-world flipping homes education for many years. He started from the ground up in 1998, achieved complete financial freedom in 2002, and has trained hundreds to emulate his success at an even faster pace. His primary income today still comes from flipping real estate day-in and day-out, with an average profit of $20,000 to $40,000 per rehab deal (all without doing any of the work himself).

Before we go any further, I should address one important question we seem to hear a lot lately. It's certainly reasonable to ask, but also speaks to a certain level of doubt that may exist about flipping homes in general, and that is...

"Does This Still Work in Today's Real Estate Market?"

In short, yes. Absolutely.

As a testimony to this, Steve's been profitably flipping homes for nearly a decade now. He's been through every type of market and has proven he knows how to wrap the flipping homes model successfully around any type of market.

So whether hot, cold or lukewarm, whether it's a 'buyers' or 'sellers' market, whether interest rates are up or down, and whether the mortgage industry is thriving or sagging, he's been through it already and proven time and time again that...

Done Properly, Fixing and Flipping Houses Always Works, in Any Market

It's what has always worked. It's what's working now, and will continue working in the future.

And in Rehabbing for Big Cash v2.0 Steve lays out a set of comprehensive-yet-understandable principals, strategies and tactics for you you'll find to be both battle-tested and up-to-date.

So you can rest assured that you're in good hands, with information designed to work for you regardless of your market conditions.

How Is Your Material Different From Others Out There?

Because you're here right now, clearly you're smart enough to know it's not a matter of "if" you need an education in this business, but rather "how" it's going to come to you. Investing in a solid, structured education today costs far less than the lessons you stand to learn on your own through the school of hard knocks (which often have an extra zero or three on the price tag)...

But trust me, I know exactly what it's like to stand where you are right now, very likely feeling...

...overwhelmed by the oversupply of "opportunities" that seem to stuff your inbox every day...

...exhausted from hearing about all the "latest and greatest" limited time offers of the day...

...skeptical of many who offer to share 'secrets most people will never know' with you, and frankly curious if they're even still doing deals, or just out pushing courses...

...and maybe even a little fearful and uncertain of how to fight your way through the barrage of "opportunities" to find something authentic to invest your hard-earned education budget into.

Let me help by sharing just a couple of commanding ways in which you'll find Steve's Rehabbing for Big Cash to be unique. For starters, you can rest assured that...

This material is written from Steve's own unique viewpoint - that of an active investor who still makes his primary income from flipping real estate.

It's not theory that used to work. It's what's working right now.

From the first sentence to the last, Steve pours himself out into the material, hoping you will take his knowledge, act upon it, and achieve even greater success than he has.

One of his biggest personal goals is to help others learn from his mistakes and achieve his level of success, even faster than he did. That's a big part of why this course was written in the first place.

Another thing you'll be relieved to know is that...

This material is NOT designed to lure you into buying something else. The old "bait and switch". Maybe you've been through it? I know I sure have.

You finally decide to take a risk and invest in a product or "seminar" that promises to teach you valuable information, only to find a lot of fluffy "teaser" information, obviously designed to upsell you to a more expensive product or event.

Please know that we'll never play mind games with you. And frankly it's these gimmicks that tend to give our industry a bad rap.

Steve has other products and events available, and we hope you'll consider investing in them at some point if they're a good fit for you and your goals. But you can rest assured that Steve holds nothing back in this material. He truly wants to to be able to apply it yourself and find great success.

So What's Inside? What All Do I Get, and What Will I Learn?'

When your course arrives, you'll find more than just a flimsy field guide inside the box. A variety of multimedia have been added to Version 2.0 to make it much more consumable, regardless of your preferred learning method.

So you'll be learning this business from:

1. Steve's sizeable, 343 page step-by-step manual,
2. A 2-DVD set of rehab workshop videos,
3. A case study video of one of Steve's typical fix-and-flip deals: the "Texas Avenue Rehab"
4. 4 hours of "Rehab Reality" audio, and
5. A data disk, full of important forms, special reports and other key information you'll need

To understand better, here's a little closer look at each....

1) Steve's Sizeable 343 Page, Step-by-Step Manual...

This is the core foundation of the entire course. Inside you'll walk gingerly through the entire flipping homes process, from just getting started, to growing your business, to ultimately cashing paychecks as a fix-and-flip maven in your area.

Steve speaks to you from the front lines as an active investor, but with the heart of a teacher. You'll discover much more than a simple 'how to' manual, as he digs into issues other courses don't even touch on, like 'Ethical Rehabbing', understanding your neighborhood 'zone chart' and making offers that make money.

Rather than throw a big list of bullet points at you to highlight all you'll learn, let's do one better and take an inside peek at the manual's table of contents...

So saying its 'comprehensive' is no exaggeration.

This is everything Steve learned in building his own business, carefully poured out in 343 easy-to-read, plain English pages. It will guide you gingerly, step-by-step through rehabbing houses in a way that's second to none, leaving no question unanswered, no stone unturned.

2) Steve's Fix and Flip Video Workshop (2 DVDs)

An invaluable, new addition to Version 2.0 is this live workshop with Steve, professionally recorded on two DVDs, and focused entirely on the rehabbing side of the flipping homes business.

As you watch these videos, you'll find Steve's down-to-earth teaching style will bring to live many of the biggest, core concepts you'll read in the manual.

3) Video Case Study: Texas Ave. Rehab (DVD)

Yet another new addition to Version 2.0, this is for the truly visual learner.

Steve takes an actual deal, right from his own backyard 'a rehab project on Texas Ave.' and walks you through the entire project from start to finish.

Reality TV...Meet Reality.

Steve starts you out with 'The Before', walking you gingerly through the property alongside his general contractor, assessing exactly what needs to be done, explaining why, and outlining his plans for the property step by step, including purchase price, estimated repairs and expected profit when he flips it to a retail buyer.

Then comes 'The After', in which the finished product is unveiled. You find Steve about to close on the sale of the property and walk away with another big payday. He again walks you through the entire deal, including all work done in detail, and even a few surprises discovered during rehab that weren't known originally (par for the course).

The quality and content of this case study video is superb compared to others we've seen out there, and it'll really serve well in giving you a 'hands on' idea of what it's like to walk through a junker, assess and estimate repairs, and flip the finished product for a profit.

4) Steve's 'Rehab Reality' Session (4 Audio CDs)

A brand new addition to the course, this is the unedited audio from a live, closed-door tele-workshop Steve did recently. It was a tuition-based, private, closed-door session focused entirely on the rehabbing and flipping business.

In the end it was an information-packed session, filled with live, unscripted Q&A, ultimately accumulating four hours of unscripted, targeted content. Steve hasn't done anything else like it before or since, and there's no other way to get it at this point except with this home study course.

5) Steve's Rehabbing Forms (CD)

You'll find all of Steve's standard flipping homes forms on one data CD.

Now we always recommend that you run any real estate forms by a local professional before using them. It's just good sense. But here's the honest truth:

The paperwork in this business isn't nearly as complicated as you may think it is.

Many people over complicate it, but in the end it's a lot easier than it may seem at first.

But at least with Steve's course, you know you're starting with something solid and proven, that Steve has used in his own business, including his purchase contract, assignment agreement, letter of intent (offer letter) hard money lender questionnaire, contract addendum, and more.

Bonus #1: Steve Cook's Yucky House Contractor's Agreement

If you haven't discovered it already, you'll find out soon enough that one of the biggest challenges you'll face in this business is effectively navigating the contractor / rehabber relationship. A good relationship with a trustworthy contractor will be one of your biggest assets in this business. A bad one can kill your deal in no time, and cost you a ton of wasted money and time.

While there are many things that can contribute to a bad contractor experience, ultimately nearly every "nightmare" contractor story you hear about could have been easily avoided with one simple thing...

Unquestionably Clear Communication.

All you have to do is COMMUNICATE...and do it IN WRITING and IN ADVANCE.

This is where Steve Cook's custom contractor's agreement will become your best friend.

This is Steve's actual contractor's agreement. It's taken him years to painstakingly construct for his own personal business, and with it, he's been able to virtually eliminate the hassles of miscommunication that most rehabbers are plagued with.

It's like a logical blueprint that, if followed, walks you through clearly communicating the key, most important issues involved with any rehab project.

With this agreement, both you and your contractor will know exactly what's expected of each other, within what time frame, to what level of quality, and at what price. It's very, very comprehensive - and it's based on how Steve runs his own business today.

Steve's agreement is no longer available as a stand-alone product. It is exclusively available here, as a special bonus to Rehabbing for BIG Cash, v2.0.

Bonus #2: Steve Cook's Yucky House Contractor's Agreement, Companion Special Report

Written to go along with Steve's contractor's agreement, it's purpose is to guide you in effectively using it, as well as minimizing your frustration and maximizing your fix-and-flip profits through controlled spending.

It details how to effectively deal with such things as:

      • Quality problems

      • Quality of materials

      • Quality of workmanship

      • Materials lists

      • Scope of work

      • Money problems

      • Low estimates by the rehabber

      • Unrealistically low quotes by a contractor

      • Comparing incomparable quotes

      • Mismanagement of repair funds

    • And the fact that not all contractors are out to get you!

This insightful report is yours as a special bonus, at no additional charge.

Who Is Steve Cook, and Why Is He Qualified to Teach Me About Rehabbing and Flipping Houses?

Great question. I'm glad you asked. :-)

It was 1998...

...and stumbling his way out of a failed restaurant venture, steeped in debt with creditors knocking, and still reeling from a recent divorce, Steve found himself faced with a harsh reality: he was now officially worse than broke.

Stopping to survey the landscape of his life, he realized it wasn't a pretty picture. But it also wasn't the end of the world.

Time to focus not on solutions, not problems...

Time to reach down and find the old bootstraps, take hold ......and PULL! Because every ending is also a new beginning, right?

But moving forward meant facing two very sobering thoughts head-on:

1) He had to do something now, and
2) He had exactly zero dollars to do it with.

If you've ever been in a situation like this, then doubtless you know exactly how it feels. Knowing you need to honor your debts and pay off your creditors can be a strong motivator, but...

...knowing you need to eat takes things to a whole new level.

Thinking back, Steve recalled an old copy of 'No Money Down' he'd picked up a few years prior. Calling to mind a certain fascination he had found with real estate, or more specifically with the concept of buying and selling houses, he remembered even dabbling in it a bit at one point. Although nothing much had ever really come of it...until now.

So after compressing a great deal of deliberation, research and down right soul-searching into a condensed time frame, Steve took the plunge into full time real estate investing. As in...'Even though I have no money, basically no experience and no job, I've got to make this thing happen if I'm going to survive.'

"Those who take bold action tend to realize that complacency, not failure, is the opposite of success."

He started first by learning everything he could, as quickly and as cheaply as possible. No money for buying courses. The internet's about as close to 'free' as it gets, so that's where much of his groundwork was laid (maybe you can relate?)

But armed with little more than a slingshot and five stones, Steve made $14,000 in his first 8 weeks flipping homes.

A fair start to be sure - but still a long way to go.

Flash Forward...

Admittedly, the first couple of years were rough. He did a lot of deals, gained a wealth of experience, and made a living, but had little real income to show for it in the end. But...

By 2002, Steve was blessed to have achieved complete financial freedom.

Can you imagine how that must feel? To know that you'll never again have to worry about your future, work for a boss besides yourself, or figure out how to make ends meet?

And the vehicle that got him there? The flipping homes '1-2 punch' ' a unique, powerful combination of earning quick cash wholesaling houses and bigger paychecks by cherry picking the RIGHT deals to rehab and retail.

As word spread of Steve's success, he found himself with the unique opportunity to help others learn how to follow in his footsteps and emulate his success. He discovered a hidden love for teaching, and began putting all the lessons he's learned into the 'blueprint' of his two keynote home study courses: Wholesaling for Quick Cash and Rehabbing for Big Cash ' the two legs of his staggering flipping homes success.

These are the two legs of the flipping homes business that Steve Cook has perfected: wholesaling for quick cash and rehabbing for big cash. They both play an integral part in Steve's story, and the secret to his success.

In his own words'
A snippet from Rehabbing for Big Cash ('Introduction', page 6) '

'Ok, so how much?'

Great, so let's get down to the bottom line'

By now I hope you can see the value of all that Steve has poured out into this home study package. These are the very same techniques made Steve a fortune, not to mention hundreds of students over the years.

As we candidly shared at the very beginning of this letter, we don't believe you'll find another home study course out there that truly compares (either in value or price) to the practical, down-to-earth education in fixing-and-flipping houses available to you in Steve's Rehabbing for Big Cash, v.2.0.

I've seen what the $47 and $97 E-books have to offer...and frankly it isn't very much. And a great deal of the information you'll spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on is lacking in real-world information and practical content.

For all that's contained inside this course, $1,297 would easily be a fair price, and anything under a thousand bucks would be a steal...

...which is actually a very small investment considering the amount of money you'll make on your first deal alone. But as I said earlier, one of our core, fundamental values is to always deliver more value that people expect, for less than they expect, as often as possible. We really want to help you, and make this information attainable for even the most meager, startup education budget.

So $497.

That's it. That's your investment in Rehabbing for BIG Cash today...a meager $497.

I hope you see the overwhelming value being offered for such a low price...which is HUNDREDS lower than anything else even close to comparable we've ever seen.

So for only $497 you're getting all this...

    • Steve's 343 page Rehabbing for BIG Cash manual

    • Steve's Fix and Flip Workshop Videos

    • Steve's Video Case Study: Texas Ave. Rehab

    • Steve's 4 hour 'Rehab Reality' Session

    • Steve's Rehabbing Forms CD

    • Bonus 1: Steve's Yucky House Contractor's Agreement

    • Bonus 2: Yucky House Contractor's Agreement, Companion Special Report

Rubber, Meet Road'

So this is where the rubber meets the road'

Let's be frank with one another...Rehabbing for BIG Cash isn't for everybody.

...It's for the folks who've had more than enough of all the over-promise and under-deliver mess that's so prevalent today.

...It's for those who've been struggling to make it in real estate investing because they've not yet found an honest-to-goodness, realistic, step by step plan that would guide them into any real profits.

...It's for those who recognize the amazing value of what's laid out here, and can grasp Steve's desire to help you succeed. Who are looking for a time-tested approach to flipping homes success, that still works in today's market.

If that's you, then my hat's off to you for taking it to another level. If not, then candidly, I have to ask you:

What's Honestly Going to Be Different About Tomorrow?

I think we both know the answer to that. If you do nothing, then nothing will ever change. Tomorrow will be just like today, and like the day before that.

Don't let that happen. Claim the success you deserve by taking this first step today.

Consider for a moment that...

'Success is not for the timid. It is for those who seek
guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action.'

~ Jose Silva

'All courses of action are risky. But the greatest risk is inaction. Prudence is not in avoiding danger, but calculating risk and acting decisively. Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer.'
~ Niccolo Machiavelli (modified)

To your success,

Steve Cook, FH Founder
Only $497.00!

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Steve, I bought both your courses in May and later attended your boot camp. I bought my first rehab property in June and sold it within three weeks of completion for a nice profit. I want to thank you for your support and your friendship. I would not have been able to do what I have done without the knowledge gained from your books and the boot camp. I still carry your rehab book in my car and refer to it to estimate repairs and make offers. I am now getting ready to start work on deal #2 with #3 to close in January. It is so refreshing to learn from someone who is so down to earth and takes the time to help others. Keep up the good work. Thanks a million.
Beth M.

…we closed on our first rehab project. We want to thank you for your support as well as the site’s “newsgroup” support as we waded our way through the rehab. The responses we received from our posted newsgroup questions as well as the information available through the archives helped us make several rehab decisions. The information also helped to instill and reinforce the confidence we so need as newbies…adjusted pre-tax profit $18,539.
Michael & Laura Lieske

I have been in the business for awhile now; however I always learn something from listening to another person's experiences. I especially liked Steve's move to "higher quality" projects that yield more net profit than the volume cookie cutter deals we all seem to focus on. I certainly experience a certain amount of frustration with the standard deals that will be lessened by moving to the better neighborhoods and better qualified buyers. I had begun to move in that direction just to reduce the frustration factor and improve my quality of life. Steve's comments solidify my need to continue in that direction.
Michael Reed

Not being a beginner, I have completed numerous rehabs in the pass few years. This teleclinic was well worth the time & expense. Steve is a seasoned professional & it shows. I embraced his shared experiences & will benefit from these experiences for years to come.
Bob Driver

We stayed up for the whole 4 hours! Mack has a background in flood and fire insurance restoration so we were interested in what Steve had to say. It is so wonderful to know someone with no experience has done so well. We have a new vision for the future!
Mack and Diane Smith

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