08-16-13 - cinderellaPeople have had enough of the monotonous home architectures and they now look for some catchier and more dissimilar sort of designs. The Cinderella House of Model Town was discussed a few days back that has been the talk of the town for quite some time. Yet another one was found by our scribe in Wapda Town J Block and this time it is a Castle House. The robust towering walls and the roof-boundaries give the same impression. Although the doors do not open upside down with the help of chains like they did in the past yet the dome like structure of the doors also reflect the architecture of a Roman Fortress built back in 2500 B.C.

It is a fact that the prices of the material used in the houses are getting costlier day-by-day and for a common man it is difficult to make a house of their own but the trend of these distinguished architectural designs tells a new story. Mrs. Sunbal Hussain who is a veteran Architect Engineer currently working with Hassan Jamil Associates does not believe that it is merely because some of us in the society are very rich and only they can afford such luxuries. According to her the trend reflects that people just want to get the maximum out of the money that they spend for making a house and these unique looking designs are mainly surfacing nowadays because of the realization among the common man that spending on the right things is crucial while making a house.

She was of the opinion that the material costs do not vary a lot while making such designs. If one is applying tiles on the exterior of his house then it does not matter what colour or what design of tiles he prefers as the rates would matter only on the quality of the tiles, not their colour. She said that the only difference in the cost is the one charged by the architect in such a case while material costs remain almost steady. But then again you don’t make a new house every few hours and making a house for just once in your life, you certainly can wait and pour in as much money as required for creating an attention-grabbing thing of our locality.

This Castle House is just one among many that are being built nowadays in almost all the new localities and some of the most exceptional ones are located in DHA Lahore and Bahria Town. If the trend continues, we might see the architect engineers to come up with more and more new ideas like these. There are some absolutely breath-taking architectural wonders that we see in the Western countries and time may be nearing when we’ll also see some brilliant construction classics unfolding in Pakistan.

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