The revival seen in Pakistan real estate sector during 2012 seems to continue in the federal capital. Estate agents dealing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have a different say about the factors triggering the sale purchase activity in the city. Statistically speaking, the growth seen in property rates of the capital is also a reason why investors are drawn to making a property purchase here. Property experts at have chalked out a few reasons why Islamabad real estate sector attracts the investors so much.

Oodles of investment Options

Although Islamabad is Asia’s best developed city but that’s not the end of the story; the city is expanding further. With news zones and sectors becoming part of the capital territory, Islamabad offers oodles of investment options to the investors. The development work has started in different sectors of Islamabad including G-15, F-16, D-12, and E-11. The initiation of development work means elevation in property rates and this is exactly what investors plan to cash in Islamabad by the end of this year.

Safety of Investment

It is also believed that the safety of investment and protection offered by the CDA is a major reason why investors find Islamabad real estate sector safer than almost all other cities in Pakistan. Since no society in the capital can operate without the permission of the CDA, investors can freely invest in the societies and sectors approved by the Capital Development Authority. To get the NOC from CDA is quite a transparent system where the infiltration is almost impossible. It is the very reputation of the CDA’s approval system that investors and buyers trust Islamabad with their money’s worth of millions of rupees.

Absence of Patwari System

The property sale and purchase system of Islamabad involve no middle man i.e. Patwaris, who seem to have messed up with most of the real estate market in Pakistan. While talking to a representative of, Aziz Ahmed of Ahmed Estate said, “The absence of patwari system means no false property transfer, no hassle of being tricked into paying extra money and being blackmailed by the system that supports such elements.” It is the very reason why most of the overseas Pakistanis find it a 100 times better to invest in different sectors of Islamabad or the private housing societies here such as Bahria Town Rawalpindi and Defence Housing Authority.

The reasons mentioned are some of the main factors that have helped Islamabad real estate sector become somewhat recession proof. It appears that the end of the year will bring further augmentation in value and demand of residential plots in CDA sectors of Islamabad. Many estate agents operating in the capital believe that since most of the investors in Islamabad are renowned ones with nationalities from different countries, new property tax will hardly affect the real estate activity here.

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