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Marco Kozlowski

Marco Kozlowski

Marco Kozlowski Bio
Marco Kozlowski is the world's leading expert on controlling luxury real estate with little or no risk. Affectionately called the "Luxury Home Guy" by those fortunate enough to spend some time learning from him.

When Marco first got involved with real estate he was a struggling, dead broke musician with four kids, over worked and underpaid, always struggling to make ends meet. After purchasing his first real estate course in 1999, Marco quickly learned that being successful in real estate was rewarding, if not a lot of hard work. Marco picked up one idea he felt he could do and within thirty days I made his first $7,000 from real estate using none of my money or credit. At that point, Marco abandoned the music business and decided to do real estate full time.

After about two years of tenant struggles and lost sleep, Marco was introduced to the luxury home market. He began working with top auction houses, and million-dollar buyers, with his first luxury home netting him an $81,000 profit. He never looked back.

That was over seven years ago and all Marco Kozlowski has done since is focus on ways of finding, controlling and selling luxury property with no money at risk. He has created a perfected system that allows anyone, who's willing to learn, to do the exact same thing.

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