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Wholesaling For Quick Cash Manual: Than's Wholesaling for Quick Cash Manual is 292 pages of the most rock solid, up to date, Wholesaling information you can ever get your hands on.

Inside, Than will reveal how you too can easily set up a Wholesaling machine that can put hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket this year.

Let's face it. There are a lot of real estate courses out there. Than knows because he has two book cases full of them as well. So let's cut to the chase and tell you exactly what separates this system from any other.

First, this is a system not a course. The reason Than says this is because it will teach you more than just how to wholesale properties. It will literally walk you through ever aspect of his business and show you how to set up and run a business that is not dependent on your own time.

    Inside Sleeve: Forms Disk, CD's & DVD's:
    Forms Disk: On this disk there is every essential document that you will need to use as a wholesaler. From the exact purchase and sale agreements Than uses to short sale disclosures, affidavits of purchase and sale, assignments of contract, etc. Over the years Than has racked up thousands of dollars in attorneys fees getting these documents drafted for you to make sure you are protected, your families, and your financial future. This one disk will save you thousands of dollars alone.

    DVD on "How to Talk to Sellers": On this DVD Than will walk you through exactly how to talk with sellers and draw out all the information you need to analyze a deal correctly. This will help you get over your fear of talking with even the most difficult sellers. On this DVD he will also show you exactly how to train an assistant, or a virtual assistant how to take leads for you so you don't have to. In fact, you can hand this DVD or send it to anybody who will take your leads for you.

    DVD on "How To Analyze Deals and Make Offers": On this DVD Than will walk you through screen shots of the exact tool's he uses to analyze every single lead that he gets from sellers. This tool will help give you the confidence to make offers on properties literally within minutes of getting leads from motivated sellers.

    DVD on "How to Hire and Train an Assistant": On this DVD Than will discuss all the essential things you need to know about finding, pre-screening, and hiring your first assistant. On this DVD he will talk about the essentials of what their roles and responsibilities should be within your company. Than will have been paid by large companies over $10,000 dollars for 3 hour lectures that he gave on the same exact material he covers on this DVD.

    CD on "Strategic Networking": Bonus! On this CD Than will show you what real estate professionals and business people you must meet right away in your local market. Don't go to meeting, after meeting, wasting your time without listening to this CD first. On this CD he will show you who the real players are in your market and how to build relationships with them.

Step-by-Step Wholesaling Audio Set: In this 11 CD Audio Set he will show you how it is possible to put thousands of dollars in your pocket in the next 90 days regardless of what market you live in.

    The first thing Than hands over to every person he hires into his business are these set of CD's. In fact, it is the first thing you should listen to as a new wholesaler because it will set you up for success in today's market.

    In fact, what you learned about investing two years ago can pretty much be thrown out the window because today's market is so different. Than used to use land trusts two years ago to wholesale our short sale deals, now that strategy is dead. He used to give his buyers no doc loans in the blink of an eye, now that product doesn't even exist. Than used to evaluate deals in steady markets, now he has to analyze them in declining markets.

    The rules of the game have changed and that is why you must listen to these CD's first where Than will go through exactly what he is doing now to wholesale properties. He covers his 3 step deal evaluation process so you can value properties correctly even in declining markets. Than goes through "unique" negotiating strategies and how you can influence any seller. He also goes through how to build a massive buyers list and remarket these properties to them. Finally, he will go through the most important part which is how to CLOSE the deal so you can get paid!

Eight Week Marketing Jumpstart: "How to Market and Find Motivated Sellers in the Next 8 Week...Guaranteed!"

    Here is what Than knows and doesn't know. He has no idea how to cook, he has no idea how to stop losing hair, and he has absolutely no clue how to keep his girlfriend happy all the time.

    Here is what he does know. He knows how to market better than pretty much anybody in the country when it comes to finding motivated sellers. In this set of 8 DVD's Than will walk you through the five best marketing campaigns he has been using in his business for the past 6 years that bring in over 70% of his leads. He is talking about 6 deals a month and thousands of dollars in profit every month using the strategies he teaches on these CD's.

    You do not need a huge marketing budget either to implement what he teaches on these DVD's. In fact, when Than started out in the business his marketing budget was $150 a month. These are tried and true methods that will work for you anywhere in the country. How does he know this? Because he has a lot of students doing 30 to 50 deals a year using the exact same campaigns with great success.

    If you are a new investor the goal is to get you a deal in the next 30 days using what you learn on these DVD's. If you are an experienced investor my goal is to double the number of motivated sellers leads you are getting in the next 30 days

           DVD 1: Setting Up Your Marketing Foundation
           DVD 2: Lead Management Systems
           DVD 3:
    Bandit Signs
           DVD 4:
    Pre-Foreclosure Door Packets
           DVD 5:
    Referral Marketing
           DVD 6:
    Buying Internet Leads
           DVD 7:
    Pre-Foreclosure Direct Mail Campaigns
           DVD 8:
    Voiceblast Campaigns

Five Week Online Lead Generation Series: "How to Create a Flood of Seller and Buyer Leads on The Internet for Your Real Estate Business"

    Than knows what you are thinking right now? Is a one time $497 dollar investment worth it? Well, let me put it to you this way. Than has spent over $18,000 dollars on his education in the last 6 months alone to learn how to bring in more motivated seller and buyer leads on the internet. In fact, he has spent over $30,000 dollars, if you include the education of his staff as well. What he can tell you is that he would have gladly paid $100,000 dollars because what he has learned has brought in much, much more.
    So what does this have to do with a five week online lead generation series? Well, you are going to benefit from what he has learned online. Than is going to show you how TO MARKET FOR FREE and get ranked on the top pages of GOOGLE and all the major search engines by watching these DVD's. Just imagine being able to get seller leads and buyer leads while you sleep by having your ads on the internet work for you day and night. If you saw any of the training videos Than released you know exactly what he is talking about.

    This DVD set is the most cutting edge stuff he has and where the business is migrating too. You must get your hands on this because if you don't keep up to date with trends you will be missing the boat.

           DVD 1:
    Website and Online Traffic Basics
           DVD 2:
    Blogging to Drive in Leads
           DVD 3:
    Social Networking to Bring in Leads
           DVD 4:
    Using Video to Bring in Leads
           DVD 5: Local Google Ad Word Campaigns
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FBflow Complete Business Management System WITH Buyer & Seller Lead Generating Website(s): FBFlow's Paperles s Office and numerous Power Tools have come together to create the World's most Powerful Business Management System available today. It NOW combines powerful lead generation with simple lead management to help real estate investors make more money in a fraction of the time. FBFlow (powered by Realeflow) has quickly become the standardized platform for real estate professionals across the country. You also have the ultimate flexibility as FOUR different membership levels are a vailable for you to choose from - each including a different num ber of Lead Generation Websites and number of allowed Users so you can choose the level that best suits your needs!

Passive Income System: This brand new affiliate marketing training program and pre-set marketing campaigns will help you bring in multiple streams of income from day one. From making money on national properties, to loan modifications, to referring realtors leads. You will have multiple ways to profit from the leads you generate.

Transactional Funding - priceless: Than is working with a small group of clients to help fund their quick flip deals. Your back-to-back closing problems are now solved. If you are looking to fund your Short Sales, REOs, residential and/or commercial wholesale flips in back to back closings. With this you will also receive proof-of-funds letters up to $500,000 so you can make offers on deals without having to worry about where the funding is coming from.

Virtual Assistant Training Center: This series of step-by-step videos are designed to train your virtual assistants for you. All you have to do is post a job on Elance or Craigslist, pick a VA, and point them to our Training Center where they will watch the videos on exactly what to do. No more time consuming monotonous activities for you! You don't even have to create the training videos...WE DO IT FOR YOU!

This exclusive price OF $997 for the "YOUR WHOLESALING BUSSINESS IN A BOX" HOME STUDY SYSTEM, PLUS these
TODAY-ONLY bonuses are available right here and now only.

If you are serious about this business and truly want to obtain financial freedom in 2010, you can not afford to let this opportunity pass you by! Order NOW...

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed without risk, without any obligation and without any further commitments. Send all materials and bonuses back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. You're taking no risk.

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