Real Estate Investing Community Surpasses 50,000 Online Forum Members

October 11, 2012
Contact: Erica Carter
Phone: (888) 683-3052


REIClub, an online information and community real estate investor site, expands discussion forum membership

Round Rock, TX - October 12, 2012 - Online discussion forums are a proven way to acquire important information, opinions, and data., a Round Rock-based real estate investment resource, is succeeding with this online presence and interactive tool on their website. Recently, REIClub expanded their community-driven discussion forums to over 50,000 members, a true testament to the breadth of knowledge (over 230,000 individual posts) available to investors. Celebrating its 10th year online, the site also has over 1,000 articles, over 200 videos, more than 100 success stories and many other tools and resources available for investors.

“It’s hard to imagine that what was initially planned as an extension for the Austin Real Estate Club would morph into one of the best sites in the world for real estate investors, and still be going strong ten years later,” said Erica Carter, Customer Service Manager for REIClub. Thousands of investors can attribute at least part of their success to the wide array of information, tools, and forums available on REIClub. Ms. Carter sees the immense value in what REIClub offers, and notes that, “To surpass 50,000 registered members for the discussion forums is quite a milestone, and we look forward to reaching 100,000.”

Even though much of the online conversation regarding real estate has moved to social and networking sites, the quality of information provided by veteran investors to newer investors on the REIClub forums is unsurpassed by the vast majority of other sites on the web. REIClub continues to grow their site, and strives to be a truly sought-after resource for real estate investors searching for information and community knowledge.


REIClub is an online community of real estate investors and an information portal that provides investors with 1,000+ new articles and videos, success stories, free training webinars, active discussion forums, and many more tools and resources to assist investors in their real estate business. The community discussion forums may be found at and you can visit REIClub on the web at


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