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Monday we closed on my first commercial shopping center. Prior to this I never ever thought I would be buying a shopping center. Yes it can be done. No where else can you pick up so much info from people that are in the know. Ray you are a great source of information. Thanks for all the help.
Bill Taylor

I read [another author’s] stuff and attended his boot camp last summer. His material is good and it did provide a good basic understanding of the business and most importantly the financial analysis involved. However, your material is presented in a more professional manner and is more sophisticated. Besides, you have about 20 years more experience than he does. Take care and thanks again!
Chris Pascale
New York

I have owned a number of "scattered" Apt Bldg's over the past 8 years. I strongly recommend Ray's recent masterpiece "Dealmakers Guide to Commercial Real Estate" as the detailed answer source to most of the questions in the area of commercial RE investing.
Mike Cheatwood

What would it be worth to you to shave years off your learning curve? Are you aware of the more common mistakes people make in this business? Ray is. And He makes a point of steering readers around those expensive and often tragic issues. Think the book is expensive? Try starting your financial life over; I have, and it ain't fun. Here's the deal: this book can make you thousands of dollars and save you years of time and aggravation. It's a steal.
Eric C.

I have got to tell you, I just started in on your tome on commercial real estate last week. It's AWESOME! … Now I'm a fast reader, and have great comprehension, so I usually blow through most books and courses. Not this one… my brain is adding an untold number of new neural nets! This is as close as anyone could get to hooking up a data cable to your brain, connecting it to their brain, typing in COPY *.* (if you remember DOS commands) and pressing ‘Enter’. Wow!
Doug Ottersberg
Investor, Author, Speaker
New Mexico

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